We offer versatile and cost-effective customer service, sales and marketing solutions for your company’s individual needs. Let’s find the best outsourcing solutions to support your business!



We are a modern, innovative, and highly efficient Call Center company. The core of our business is the production of various outsourced operational functions and personnel solutions for international and Finnish corporate customers. Our head office is located in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand



Our outsourcing solutions bring flexibility as well as cost efficiency to develop and streamline your business processes. We have extensive and diverse know-how in sales, marketing and customer service. With continuous and high-quality training, we ensure that our professionals know your brand’s products and services – like their own pockets. Tell us what your goals are and together we will map out the best outsourcing solutions to support your business!


Can’t get your calls to the finish line? Or you just don’t have enough time to gather or contact leads? Leave your worries to us, our team of sales professionals will close the sales for you!


Customer Service

By outsourcing your customer service to us, you get our diverse experience, our strong professional skills, and you free up your valuable time for taking care of the core of your business.

Booking Appointments

Enjoy the revenue generated by meetings without having to spend your valuable time hiring or training sales representatives.

Customer Research

Do you know your customers needs? Do you know your potential customers? Let us help you figure out what is the right audience for your business!




Tell us what we can do for you!



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